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Land of the Free: In the shadows


“Land of the Free: In the shadows” is the first in a series of groundbreaking documentaries that has been internationally acclaimed by film festivals around the world. 


Containing attributable contributions from Sir Roger Gale MP (UK), Hollywood icons Tippi Hedren and Priscilla Presley, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2019 Albert Schweitzer Award winner John Thompson from Washington DC, former NCA covert operative Reg Dickason, and the unsung hero of the piece who saved thousands of animals on the front lines in Africa, Meryl Harrison (MBE pending), the piece is narrated by Cliff Simon with musical score by Grammy nominated Mauritz Lotz and the spectacular Mzansi Youth Choir of Soweto with title track from Richard Loring’s international stage sensation African Footprint. 


Directed by Emmy nominated Hollywood director James Ganiere, this first film focuses mainly on the psychology of the trophy hunter, while exposing the murky underbelly of the trophy hunting industry. 


The trailer can be seen here


You can stream the film at Mojo Streaming here

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Land of the Free: OUT OF the shadows


"Land of the Free: In the shadows", by Emmy nominated Hollywood director James Ganiere and Australian powerhouse writer/producer Lynn Santer, the first in a series of documentaries throwing the spotlight on issues involving the legal trophy hunting of endangered species, was internationally acclaimed, winning laurels from film festivals all over the world.


While the first film focused mainly on the psychology of the trophy hunter, this second film takes what was IN the shadows OUT of the shadows. The world premiere to take place in London’s House of Commons with VIPs, Ministers, lawmakers and celebrities.


Revealing a wealth of new information, vision and evidence, this explosive documentary exposes the subversive activities and the nefarious lengths that the trophy hunting industry will go to in order to protect its perceived right to slaughter endangered animals for pride, pleasure and profit. 


Featuring genuine heroes in the international movement such as Eduardo Goncalves founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting UK, the legendary Dr Jane Goodall, Lt Gen Ian Seretse Khama, former President of Botswana, Sir Roger Gale MP (UK), Meryl Harrison formerly Chief Inspector with the Zimbabwe SPCA, the iconic Virginia McKenna OBE, star of the immortal classic "Born Free" and founder of the Born Free Foundation, and 2019 Albert Schweitzer Award recipient John Thompson from Washington DC, as well as Hollywood royalty including Priscilla Presley and Tippi Hedren, a special guest appearance by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, covert footage from Africa and the USA and, from beyond the grave, the last words ever filmed by the late South African born Hollywood star Cliff Simon, best known for his role as Lord Ba'al in "Stargate SG1". 


With a score by the awe-inspiring Mzansi Youth Choir of Soweto, Grammy nominated composer Mauritz Lotz and title track from Richard Loring’s international stage sensation “African Footprint”, you will discover why an industry with a blood lust to slaughter the best of the gene pool remaining in endangered species is still legal. 


Together this fearless team brings what has been shrouded by secrecy…
OUT OF THE SHADOWS to protect the right of all creatures to live in a LAND OF THE FREE. 

Available now

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Gaston Leroux


Politics. Intrigue. Racial prejudice. A fabled phantom who proved to be real in flesh and blood. Wine, women and song. Squandering the family fortune. Love and betrayal. Murder most foul. The life story of Gaston Leroux has it all and more.

A flamboyant figure in 1920s Parisian society, Gaston (a respected lawyer who becomes the world’s first investigative journalist) turns to novel writing after squandering his inherited millions. He produces the world’s first locked door murder mystery before stumbling over a living witness to the “Phantom of the Opera” saga. Desperate to prove that Erik (aka “The Phantom”) was real and lived an odyssey in Persia for 10 years before collaborating with Charles Garnier on the design of the Paris Opera House, Gaston’s efforts are thwarted by authorities of the day. The authorities have their own motives for keeping the existence of Erik a secret and reaping revenge on Gaston himself.

Gaston embarrassed authorities as an investigative journalist when he proved a man convicted to life on Devil’s Island in French Guiana was innocent... and no one in France wanted the world to learn that one of their most revered icons (the Opera House) was partially designed and constructed by a man both deformed and deranged (Erik). 

Gaston died young and in mysterious circumstances, leaving the Phantom to become a fable of legend, remembered as a hideous madman – this was never Gaston’s intention.

Novella available on Amazon now,

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Swan Song


Hugh and Serena are two magnificent black swans who have reigned over a vast lake in a sub-tropical paradise for many years. Although the environment is idyllic it belies a slimy danger that lurks below the water – giant eels. As we enter this world, almost immediately Hugh is forced to battle one of the Goliath eels. He triumphs but the battle exhausts him – he is not the young swan he once was. 

The colorful bunch of characters who live on the lake are all grateful to Hugh for protecting them from the evil of the deep, which impresses Hugh and Serena’s daughter, Isis. As their latest hatched cygnet, Isis assumes she is the last born cygnet and therefore heir to the kingdom, as is the swan way of things. A cheeky white duck who has lived on the lake as long as Hugh and Serena, Lord Quacksalot, knows better. 

When Serena shows her daughter around their territory, they meet Tom, the leader of the turtles. Tom notices from under the water that Isis has developed her white under-wing flight feathers and encourages her to fly. The ambitious young swan becomes airborne, thrilled with her newfound power, not realizing the bittersweet consequence.

Hugh quickly tells his daughter that once swan children are flight capable, they must leave the lake to find a territory of their own. Isis is devastated. Serena tries to sweeten the blow by telling her daughter that she will become queen of a new territory but she doesn’t want to start from scratch. She knows her parents are old and she wants this prime territory for herself. As Lord Quacksalot and other characters all hold their breath wondering what will happen next, Hugh forces his daughter’s departure. Reluctantly she leaves but vows revenge. 

While Isis is away, Hugh and Serena give birth to Prince, their heir apparent. When Isis returns with the evil swan Hannibal, Hugh is too old and Prince is too young to challenge such a young, enormous and strong swan. The serenity and sanctuary of the lake are shattered. It will take all Serena’s years of knowledge and experience, and all the animals of the kingdom working together, if Hannibal is to be defeated and the sanctity of the lake preserved for all the creatures who live there. 

Visit the official Website and Buy the book here

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