·                     Book and film script evaluation

·                     Feature Film treatment production

·                     Feature Film screenplay production

·                     Creating your pitch sheet

·                     Critique of existing screenplays

·                     Fiction and non-fiction book manuscript writing

·                     Fiction and non-fiction book manuscript rewrite and polish

·                     Securing a representative to sell your book or film project to publishers and/or producers

·                     Producing a basic promotional video clip for your project

·                     Social Media, Mainstream Media and PR campaigns 

·                     Executive Summary




Book and film script evaluation (undertaken personally)             


An evaluation will assess the commercial potential of your work, its strength and weakness, and most importantly lay out what would be the best way to adapt the material to give you the best chance possible to make your dreams come true. 3-6 week turn around.


Feature Film treatment production (undertaken personally)


So what is a treatment? A treatment is a cross between a synopsis and an outline that shows exactly what your future screenplay will look like. It is a framework that presents the most cinematic version of your story, told in the three act structure used by all screenwriters and recognized by all executives. It is the filmic version of your story that will direct the assigned writer to produce your screenplay to reach its full Hollywood potential. Treatments are usually 10 to 12 pages long and are a VITAL step in producing the Feature Film Screenplay as they are the map which directs the writer to the buried treasure. 6-10 week turn around.


Feature Film screenplay production (undertaken by assigned writer)

·             Screenplay engagements are under a legal LOI (Letter Of Intent)

·             The client will evaluate the recommended assigned writer from their bio and a sample of their work.

·             If comfortable with the bio and sample writing, an e-introduction and/or a phone introduction will be arranged before a commitment is made by the client to proceed.


I work with a pool of writers and so can match your material to someone versed and experience with your genre. The writer will first create a three act outline and send to you for your input and approval. Upon approval, the screenwriter will spend (typically) the next three months transforming your story into a silver screen ready screenplay. Depending on negotiable terms, the writer will usually request a screen credit (Story by YOU, Screenplay by THEM) but take no further participation. All rights remain with you. Your script will then be ready to submit to agents and studios. Fee includes ONE draft and a tidy up of general oversights and typos.

3-6 month turn around.


Creating your pitch sheet (undertaken personally)


The Pitch Sheet included a short rendition of your story. The one page pitch sheet starts off with a logline, which is a one or two sentence encapsulation of your story's essence. A logline for the film “E.T.” for example might be ‘The story of a lonely, young boy who discovers a lost alien in his backyard and by helping the creature to find its way home, learns the true meaning of friendship.” The pitch sheet then gives the narrative in just a few short, catchy paragraphs, highlighting the commercial potential and key uniques of your story. The trick here is that less is more as these folks have little time and often short attention spans – so it is necessary to grab them with a strong hook. There is an art to writing a pitch sheet! 2-4 week turn around.


Critique of existing screenplays (undertaken personally)


Already have a script but you're not sure if it's pitch ready? I will play Script Doctor and provide an honest critique offering feedback on where you are and what you need to do to improve it. On request I can also source rewrite services to have a professional polish your script and make it letter perfect ready for submission and/or representation. 2-4 week turn around.


Fiction and non-fiction book manuscript writing (undertaken by assigned writer)

·             All book manuscript writing engagements are under a legal LOI (Letter Of Intent)

·             The client will evaluate the recommended assigned writer from their bio and a sample of their work.

·             If comfortable with the bio and sample writing, an e-introduction and/or a phone introduction will be arranged before a commitment is made by the client to proceed.


From my spirited, enthusiastic and talented stable, I will select the writer most appropriate to your personality and genre of work. Upon approval, the writer will spend between three months and eight months (depending on the scope of the project) word-smithing your brainchild into a manuscript that dazzles. Depending on negotiable terms, the writer may request a percentage of Royalties in the published work, or a bonus on reaching agreed milestones (such as New York Times Best Seller listing), and/or a credit. SOME writers are prepared to ghost (hence they will not request a credit). SOME writers are prepared to work on a simple fee for service with no further financial interest in the project. Some writers may request an "in collaboration" credit and others may request a "Story by YOU, Written by THEM" credit. These are all points of negotiation that I will mediate at the outset of the agreement between you and the assigned writer. Fee includes one draft AND a polish of the manuscript.


Fiction and non-fiction book manuscript rewrite and polish (undertaken by assigned writer)


No book has ever hit the best seller lists from the first draft. Let me repeat that. NO book has EVER hit the best seller lists from the first draft. Every single manuscript requires at least a polish, if not a rewrite and polish, before submission to publishers to ensure your very best chance of commercial success. The rewrite and polish process can take between 4 and 12 weeks to complete to perfection. As above, the appropriate writer will be selected for your approval.


Securing a representative to sell your book or film project to publishers or producers (undertaken personally)


The mainstream publishers never, EVER, accept "unsolicited" manuscripts. The same usually applies to film producers. If you want your book manuscript or film script to be read it has to be submitted by a recognized professional representative, manager or agent. I am personally happy to represent non-fiction book manuscripts to Australian publishers (for ten percent of whatever deal I might negotiate for you) but if your aspirations lie beyond that I will source the most appropriate representative for your work. I charge $USD1,000 for securing this representation, billable to you only when you have accepted my recommendation. This is a once only fee, after which I walk away.


Producing a basic promotional video clip for your project                     


A picture paints a thousand words!  A promotional video clip can be produced very cost-effectively and if managed properly can do more to promote your product that any other medium. Video clips can be deployed on all platforms of social media, on your personal website and even in pitches to publishers and producers. To produce a clip of two minutes or less, using still images and Royalty free music, from a script that I will personally craft, will cost only $USD2,000 and can be produced within (normally) four weeks from engagement.

2-4 week turn around.


Social Media, Mainstream Media and PR campaigns for your project


Four things will guarantee the success of your project:

  1. A great story, written brilliantly;

  2. Quality production;

  3. The best distribution channels available; and

  4. Marketing, marketing, marketing.


No one will buy or go to see a product if they don't know it's there! If you publish with a mainstream publisher, they will undertake the marketing and distribution. If a savvy producer takes on your film, they will undertake the marketing and distribution. These days, however, there are MANY other routes to the market. If you self-publish or subsidy publish a title (very viable options these days) then distribution and marketing are paramount. China and the US are the major markets to attract. To achieve this you need the best brand recognition you can manifest. To achieve that you need an expert marketer and a strategic campaign which covers social media, mainstream media and general Public Relations management. I have experts in the field in the US with links into China and can organize these campaigns on request. Timing of campaign design and duration varies in each case. 

Executive Summary (undertaken personally)    

The Executive Summary is the single most important document to securing film financing and talent to your feature film project. Specialists in Hollywood charge up to $USD50,000 to produce this mission critical document. Crafting an effective Executive Summary is an art form in its own right to strike just the right balance between sizzle and statistics. Ideally the document should include a logline and synopsis, an anticipated below the line budget, a "wish list" of actors and directors, the key differentiators of the project and (in seeming contradiction) films this project is similar to (both to show box office projections and to give prospective investors and talent a visual feel for the project). It should also include bios and head shots of all those who have been involved to this point as well as any others who have "attached" along the way. If locations for filming are known or anticipated these too should be included. Will there be Special FX, CGI? Is it a period piece? A professionally produced Executive Summary shows investors and talent alike not only that you mean business but that you know the business. Approximately a 4 week turnaround.