Land Of The Free


There are many reasons why Lynn's authorised biography by Sandra L. Rogers is called 'An Unbelievable Life', and this is one of them. In 2001, behind the glitz and glamour of organising a high profile fundraiser for big cats in Africa with her close friend, the iconic Hollywood screen legend of the Alfred Hitchcock films 'The Birds' and 'Marnie', Tippi Hedren, Lynn received a plea from the then Chief Inspector of the Zimbabwe SPCA, Meryl Harrison. Safari Club International (SCI) with such luminaries in its membership as George Bush Snr, General Normal Schwartzkopf, and Senator Dan Quayle, had been bribing and cajoling foreign governments to overturn bans they had seen fit to put in place on hunting endangered species, and even worse hunting them by methods that were so brutal even other hunters objected to them. Unable to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear, Lynn set about bringing this ground-breaking story into the light, hiring ex Special Forces commandos to plan a covert mission to expose the atrocities, naming and shaming those involved. It took six years before Channel Nine reporter, Kirstine Lumb, was finally able to air the story, and during that time Tippi, Meryl and Lynn all had their lives threatened, and a public smear campaign assassinating Lynn's character was carried out in an afford to dissuade her from pursuing the story. But Lynn has never been one to say die. It took six years and cost Lynn dearly in both her physical and financial wellbeing, but the story blazed trails using all the visual and documented evidence these brave ladies were eventually able to secure.


To support their ongoing efforts, buy the lightly fictionalised chronicle of these events in this novel, and see all the non-fiction back story in this DVD

The Magical Scarecrows


Once upon a time a nine year old girl had a dream of becoming an author. She wrote her first story 'The Magical Scarecrow' and sent it to a publisher. The publisher told her that her style was good but the content not long enough. Twenty-five years later, with her first best-seller under her belt, the little girl rewrote her first story for her sister's children. As those children grew and shared their aunt's story with other children the expanded Magical Scarecrows stories by Auntie Lynn were suddenly in hot demand. But rather than make these a commercial offering, Auntie Lynn decided she would have the stories professionally illustrated, edited, and produced to give away for free to needy children to help with the vital skill of literacy in a program that has become known as The Magical Scarecrows KIDS WHO READ SUCCEED program. The concept was so successful that it almost sent Auntie Lynn to the bankruptcy courts when she fulfilled requests coming in from orphanages in Bali, missions in India, schools in Zimbabwe, Aboriginal reading programs in Australia, and many more. Seeking help from her celebrity friends THE STARS READ THE SCARECROWS was born, a commercial line of DVDs where Auntie Lynn's stories are read by such superstars as Leo Sayer, Tippi Hedren, and Australia's entertainment legend Barry Crocker. But thats not all! 

As a result of attracting such wide-ranging celebrity talent to the program, new programs were added .. 

  • The Magical Scarecrows LET'S MAKE MAGIC campaign.

  • The Magical Scarecrows STARS WITH HEARTS International Celebrity T-shirt relay. 

The LET'S MAKE MAGIC campaign began offering annual celebrity variety shows for children suffering from terminal illnesses, abandonment, and abuse in 2007, and the STARS WITH HEARTS International Celebrity T-Shirt relay attracted new superstars to the Magical Scarecrows including Priscilla Presley, Jackie Chan and Hugh Jackman. Both a book of the T-shirt's unique 54,000 kilometre, 12 month, around the world journey and a DVD of the final signatures event are available (as are all the other books and DVDs in the range) exclusively through


Captain Ali Al-Wahabi - Saddam Hussein's former personal pilot who made a heart-stopping escape from the iron fortress of Baghdad 20 years ago, today is a commercial airline pilot with one of the world's major airlines.  For nearly a decade Ali has called Australia home, living in Sydney with his German Catholic wife and two children.  Recently Ali joined forces with co-writer, Lynn Santer, to document his experiences in Iraq, citing facts about the former iron-fisted ruler of his country that are unlikely to ever be revealed elsewhere.  His autobiography, Farewell Brave Babylon was released in 2006 and has now become in hot demand not only across Australia but indeed across the world.  Raised in Baghdad believing everyone from the West to be a potential enemy, Ali's eyes were opened when, ironically, he was sent to pilot cadet school in the UK. After seeing that the propaganda he'd been raised with wasn't as true as he once believed, Ali viewed everything with different eyes.  His first-hand observations of the ruling élite in Iraq disclosed a rare insight into their private lives, leading Saddam's personal pilot to a fateful decision.  Torn between the love of his homeland and his burning desire to flee from the Mukhabarat (Iraqi Intelligence Service) who were pressuring him to betray a close friend, Ali conceived a daring plan to escape, an escape which very nearly cost him his life.

Passion For Peace

Rabbi Nir Gurevitch - Israeli born Chassidic (ultra orthodox) Rabbi of Russian descent, trained by the legendary Rabbi Schneerson in New York, Rabbi Nir Gurevitch is father of nine and leader of the Gold Coast's Hebrew congregation.  The Rabbi asks, 'Is peace really achievable or is it just wishful thinking?'  At Passion for Peace sessions, in using a range of analogies, along with his trademark humor, the Rabbi very eloquently points out that there is no need for us to lose our individuality to achieve peace.  Whatever our differences we all have one undeniable fact in common we are all members of the same race, the human race.  Our blood is all red and our tears are all salty.  The word shalom, the Hebrew word for peace, is derived from a word that means whole, and the Rabbi argues that as such we should recognize we are all part of the same environment that binds us together and only in unison of vision, while retaining our individual beliefs, can there be completeness.

Robyn Wigmore - former spokesperson and campaigner for the Christian aid organisation, World Vision, qualified teacher and tour guide, Robyn recently led a group of 20 school children on a historical journey through Japan.  A mother of two, Robyn has used her demonstrably solid faith to steer her through several life changing tragedies while retaining a sense of humor, a joyous spirit, and positive attitude.  Her experiences as an exchange student in Japan were equally life-changing when she found herself living in the home of a man who had been on the opposite side of a war with members of Robyn's family.  The buoyant personality and effervescent nature of this lady are infectious and the observations she's made and lessons she's learned from her life experiences are inspirational.

Lynn Santer - founder and manager of the Passion for Peace team, Lynn is a best-selling author and awarded screenwriter who has been an active campaigner for wildlife conservation since she was a small child.  Her first award for animal welfare was presented when she was just eleven years old, and she sent her first manuscript to a publisher at the ripe old age of nine!  Today that manuscript 'The Magical Scarecrows' has been rewritten and illustrated and is being produced by Lynn specifically and solely to be donated to children's hospitals and children's charities.  Lynn is the co-author of Ali's autobiography 'Farewell Brave Babylon', a member of Rabbi Gurevitch's Hebrew Congregation, and close friend to Robyn Wigmore.  

Peace, Salaam, Shalom!

Passion For Peace


The Mission - to address audiences (mainly the leaders of tomorrow, i.e. school children and university students) about peace, tolerance, coexistence, and understanding, demonstrating how two men traditionally seen as enemies on the world stage, and indeed the antithesis of one another, can become firm friends and together with their Christian friend show people that they don't need to change the whole world, just their small corner of it, to create a ripple effect that makes tomorrow a better place.  The logo of the team is a dove, about which the Rabbi tells the story of Noah and the ark: when Noah sent out the dove to see if there was dry land to settle on he reached out his hand to receive the dove when it returned ls us is in this story is that one has to reach out to achieve peace and not just expect it to happen through the efforts of others.  The entire Passion for Peace team is proud to be conducting this initiative in loving memory of Lynn's late father, Neville Santer. 

The International Celebrity T-Shirt Relay



The Stars with Hearts International Celebrity T-shirt has been signed by...

Hugh Jackman
Jackie Chan
Priscilla Presley
Lord Jeffrey Archer
Virginia McKenna OBE (Star of the immortal classic Born Free and President of The Born Free Foundation)
Leo Sayer (Pop Icon/You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)
Barry Crocker (Order of Australia, acclaimed veteran star of stage and screen Bazza McKenzie)
Shane Warne (cricketing legend)
Aria Award Winning Australian Idol Cosima De Vito
Dr Who girl Katy Manning
Tippi Hedren (Alfred Hitchcock's iconic star of The Birds)
Kerrie Friend (co-host A Perfect Match)
Joe Bugner (world heavy-weight boxing champion)
Peter Garrett, MP (former star of Midnight Oil)
Derryn Hinch (Australia's best-known and most controversial radio talk show host)
Tom Oliver (Lou Carpenter on Neighbours for 17 years)
John Blackman (Hey Hey Its Saturday)
John Michael-Howson (Raconteur)
Keith Potger (The Seekers)
Sally Kirkland (Oscar winning actress)
Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing from the mega hit soap Dallas)
Toni Basil (singer of the mega hit single Mickey)
Kendal Rae (co-host of Channel Nine's The Shak)
Mohan the daddy tiger at Dreamworld (Yes his authentic paw print is on it too)