A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication, Laura is an accomplished screenwriter and author. She has written more than a dozen film, television and new media projects in a variety of genres. Her drama “Janie Charismanic” produced by Judith Studios won multiple awards including Best Feature at the 2014 Silent River Film Festival and Best Romance at the 2014 Manhattan Film Festival. Other projects include the gritty revenge drama “Crossed the Line” starring Ice-T and teen drama “Milkie G” for Back of the Bus Productions, romantic comedy “Miss Robbing Hood” for Dandelion Studios, comedy “e-bride” for Vika Films and dramatic TV pilot “Poli-Ticked” for Judith Studios.


Laura was head writer and story editor for Ming23 an epic fantasy serial that will

unfold through live action video and written chapters via multiple platforms. She is

a contributing author to “Now Write! Screenwriting” (Tarcher/Penguin). Her short fiction has been published by Centum Press (“100 Voices, Volume Two”). Laura has

edited novels, short fiction, memoir and non-fiction.


Laura was VP of development at Noble House Entertainment and Head Story Analyst at The Script Broker where she provided script analysis and craft education to hundreds of writers and producers. She is the founder and president of Screenplay Savant which provides film development consultancy services to independent producers and script analysis to writers. She’s a mentor at the Film Connection, where she works one on one with students, providing feedback on their scripts as well as craft education.


Laura lives in Los Angeles where her cats Carys and Mochi run around her home and a bevy of fictional characters run around inside her head.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, USA