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James Ganiere is a member of both the TV Academy’s Executive Producers & TV Executive Peer Groups, showrunner, VR creator, executive producer Discovery series Gear Heads on Velocity, an alumni of USC School of Cinema and serves on the USC alumni Trojans Entertainment Network for Special Events.

President of Rio Vista Universal, a fixer, growth strategist and tech expert, Ganiere is the consummate entrepreneur with past clients ranging from Hewlett Packard where he headed the World Wide Database Team saving them 34 million the first month to establishing the first U.S. Bank presence in California to state and federal agencies.


James truly does “carpe diem” and his writing is leaps off the page with his vast life life experiences. Recent genre projects range from hit board games like We Are Dead to VR for Warner Brothers and Disney, to a slate of feature films and TV series, to being tapped to write and producer a 20 million dollar action film and another based on the true story of a WWII hero. He gravitates to highly commercial projects and those with heart.


When not heading up a full slate of project, he can be found speaking at Comic Cons (like How to Conquer the World of Animation covered by, with Dreamwork’s Dean DeBlois), conferences (such as Fyre Con where he taught for 3 days on film making at Weber State University), volunteering with the TV Academy helping the next generation of TV students and interns or working with See Me Learn ( which has enriched thousands of intercity children with hand on classes crafted by Ganiere that help them learn the magic and excitement of TV/film making, cartoons, comics and importance of science in today’s world.

Inducted into the Producers Guild of America October 2017

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