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As a writer with an amazing creative imagination for adventure, action and romance along with new age concepts, Sandra’s writing history covers most genres.

From an early age her daydreams became short stories and plays in school where she excelled in that subject. It was while working on Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef that Sandra discovered diving, a passion that would eventually take her to explore ancient shipwrecks around the world. Later, a fascination with the Greek Islands saw her live and work on Santorini for several years and it was there that her writing talents exploded. On Santorini, the uncovering of some true facts that connected the mysterious Island to ancient Atlantis gave Sandra the inspiration to write her first novel, It Begins But Never Ends, a spiritual and dangerous adventure linking the present to the past. Published in England in 1998 she followed with the sequel, Beyond Armageddon, fitting into the adventure, sci-fi and new age genres.

In the late 90s, Sandra and her then husband opened Zeus Publications, the first e-book publishing house in Australia, ten years ahead of e-book popularity. The business later ventured into paper publishing. With over 20 years experience in publishing, Sandra understands only too well the ups and down of the business.

In 2000 Sandra was a guest author at the renowned Somerset Celebration of Literature and has been a guest speaker at various Writer’s Groups around Australia ever since.

Other books written by Sandra include Waves of Torment, a fictional drama of the surfing world  during the 60s, bringing in the Vietnam War. Later she wrote the authorised biography of Lynn Santer, An Unbelievable Life. In 2016, Sandra released Cooyar, a work of historical fiction set on an outback cattle station.

In between Sandra studied screenplay writing and adapted two of her books, It Begins But never Ends and Waves of Torment, to feature length scripts. Other feature length screenplays that followed were, No Hope In Hell (true life) and The Telemarketer(crime thriller) along with writing and directing several short films including, Kissing Fish and Flower Angel.

Having worked casually as a volunteer in Welfare, Sandra has seen first hand the struggles of the homeless, those fighting addiction and the abused in our society. This, along with a wealth of life experience and empathy, gives her that edge needed to understand stories that are challenging but need to be told.     

LOCATION: Queensland, Australia

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